About Us

Experience & Talent

We focus only on Financial Services, with industry-experienced practitioners that bridge the divide between technical challenges & tangible outcomes.

Who we are

Chris Tilling

Chris has +20 years’ defining and implementing business transformation, technology change and regulatory compliance in the financial sector. He has worked across the UK, Europe, Africa and Australia with a focus on doing the basics well & ensuring people have the support needed to be successful.

Steven Brown

Steve is a unique blend. With a background in Data Warehousing technologies coupled with being a Registered Nurse for Mental Health, Steve draws on his experience and strong interpersonal skills to deliver unique insights and data solutions.
Quirky? Quite.
That's his charm

Hanady Rasoul

An expert in Change & Release with extensive suite of qualifications coupled with +20 yrs across a diverse range of industries. Hanady’s deep skill, experience, and empathetic heart results in a consummate professional. When not guiding through the rigors of IT change, Hanady may be found whipping up a storm in then kitchen.

Gilava Pour

With a Masters in Information Management & 15 yrs in data analytics, reporting &software development, Gilava has a deep understanding of the technical and commercial aspects of process improvement. She has led numerous initiatves, largely in the Credit & Lending space, which have achieved substantial tangible benefits.

Shabib Naqvi

A highly qualified and passionate leader, Syed has recently delivered key initiatives in the regulatory domain including APRA EFS and currently looking at Open Banking. His career has focused on platform delivery, data services and migration. He has worked across the world from Alaska, Azerbaijan to Australia.

Vladimir Abramov

Vladimir is a Data & Analytics consultant who helps clients be competitive in the Banking & Insurance sectors. A strong foundation in Business and IT enables Vlad to help them define and extract and embed value from Data & Analytics.
He is also quite handy on a chessboard.

Peter Karas

Peter has a deep understanding of the financial markets, funds management and banking sector gathered from a career in Banking across numerous senior leadership roles. He holds professional accreditation including AIM and AFMA, uniquely positioning him with a practical application of data analytics in a financial context.

Jane Noble

An avid "networker" with a background in Corporate Brand Licencing & Partnerships Jane is adept at facilitating highly successful commercial relationships . She has a passion for travel and culture, having lived in 6 countries and worked across EMEA, APAC and Americas. Always up for a chat, Jane simply, connects people.

Todd Hobley

Todd has over 20 years’ experience across a range of Data & Intelligence solutions using an array of technologies and methodologies.
With a passion for photography, and an eye for detail, Todd is adept at visual presentation and telling the story that may be found within data for commercial outcomes.

Constantine George

A seasoned specialist in Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions in banking and agricultural solutions. In 2017, Constantine was the recipient of the Administrator’s Award from the US Dept Agriculture (USDA) & Farm Service Agency (FSA) for improving public access to key data.

Tracy Skinner

A pragmatic and delivery-focused Scrum Master adept in DevOps delivery.
Tracy has extensive delivery experience with straight-forward COTS projects or bespoke development and integration programs across the Financial Services sector, running onshore and offshore teams in the UK, Russia and Australia.

Micheli Bertotti


Micheli Bertotti

Micheli is our Senior Data Consultant with extensive experience in data analysis and development projects across the Banking, Fintech and Government sectors. With an extensive technical background, Micheli is able to translate business needs with ease. Micheli is passionate runner with an eye on completing a marathon.

Peter Coco


Peter Coco

A deep tech Consultant, Peter has a rare blend of hands-on experience in the business-side of financial services and technology delivery. Known as an expert in Blockchain, Peter is highly sought after by corporate and PE to conduct due diligence on emerging FinTechs. Recently repatriated from Denmark, Peter & family are living up the sun & sea.

Raul Mendez

Data Scientist

Raul Mendez

What we care about

We care about financial literacy, which is made available through digital services using customer data. Ajeka delivers digital and financial management services to ultimately help business and their customers to grow and prosper. We aim to promote grass roots financial literacy, transparency and trust of your customers and shareholders.  We make it easy for business to understand their business better; and thereby pass on financial literacy to the general market.

What’s in it for you: Employee Proposition

We continually review our offering to provide out team with their own foundation to operate, grow and protect their career. We currently offer a continuous education program, solid opportunities to acquire experience and an executive mentoring program for career development.

Culture is everything

We believe that Culture is everything!   We take time to hire, time to develop and time to build together. Culture is the foundation of who we are, how we work, and how we work together. Personal development and work evaluation is measured against our core values, which are:

Curious, Collaborative, Creative & Kind


You will be well placed to achieve successful outcomes and to have your own story to tell. We provide the platform for you to shine: your contribution will be acknowledged and rewarded.  You will deliver and present your own work. 

We will provide guidance through challenges and will ensure active support to achieve. 


Committed continuous education program to enrich your mind, body & soul. Our team each have personal development and a committed education program to build tangible and non-tangible skills.

Our leadership team is comprised of former executive-level data practitioners from major domestic and global financial institutions, who provide the backbone for your learning and development programs.


With a range of employee benefits that extend beyond competitive remuneration offerings, we continue to search for leading financial and wellness services to improve day-to-day life, to protect you and your family and to grow personal wealth.  


Technology and data are undoubtedly changing how Banking services are delivered and consumed, but the fundamentals of managing credit and risk, considered lending and capital allocation and sound decision making remain unchanged. The Ajeka team prides itself on genuinely understanding the social and commercial value of data, to help organisations lend responsibly to their customers and distribute capital to the business that grow our economy. Ajeka sources seasoned Banking and FS professionals to deliver trusted, industry relevant solutions.


Whilst the foundation basics remain constant, we offer services that continuously evolve for an industry that is under perpetual evolution and disruption.

Out team are comprised of those who are curious enough to continuously learn, and collaborative enough to support nurturing the team around them with ongoing ideas and better ways to work.


A competitive salary is only the start…

We want those who want a career, and who want to be in a team for the longer term. Backed by a niche firm that is hell-bent on providing the support and profile required for success, you will work alongside a team of skilled and passionate individuals who focussed on the provision of new skills and building great solutions, in a dynamic positive culture environment.

Global locations

With on-the-ground teams across the globe with a market presence in the United Kingdom, Singapore & Australia, our network of industry & technology partnerships will allow your company to get up to speed, keep up, stay current, evolve, think, know, and create.

Offering a choice of on-premises resources or squads that may be augmented by skilled persons in various geolocations, we offer the ability to flex delivery from a standard 8-hr to up to 20-hr/day cycles to fast-track outcomes through your back-of-your-clock.

International Relocation

We provide support through international relocation services for specialized talent and skilled persons. This service is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.